Protection and sanitary products

After the creation of the new Biovest brand, aimed at sanitary products, we launched a line of products where fashion and high-performance protection go hand in hand.

Reusable +50 washes

Kids masks

Double layer hygienic mask with a high bacterial protection efficency greater than 96% and particle filtration

Reusable +50 washes

Adult masks

Made for work and/or personal use. They offer a high protection against microbial penetration, aerosols and particles.

Semi-transparent masks

New model Expression

Semi-transparent hygienic mask that facilitates lip reading and visualization of facial expression. The high bacterial protection efficency and the excellent differential pressure make this mask perfect for hot environments or for people who have trouble breathing.

Protect your masks

Mask storage bag

Washable and reusable protective bag to maintain the hygienic properties of your mask and to be able to store it comfortably. Fabric with water-repellent and biocide treatment, ideal for storing objects.

Interview at CMM with Texcon for the manufacture of their masks

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We adapt to the social needs derived from the pandemic, and we manufacture quality products to protect people. Discover our products, such as reusable masks, surgical masks, sanitary gowns…