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Social responsibility

TEXCON y CALIDAD has undergone a SMETA Audit. A SMETA audit is an auditing process which provides a compilation of the best practices for the ethical auditing of companies and is internationally recognised.

With this audit, we can certify the quality of TEXCON y CALIDAD in responsible business practices. The audit covers the following four areas: labour, health and safety, environment and business ethics.

TEXTON Y CALIDAD is a firm committed to Youth Employment (people who are of age), as it has joined the PICE program (Integral Plan of Qualification and Employment), whose aim is to improve the employability of the young people enrolled in Youth Guarantee.

TEXCON Y CALIDAD buys the raw material from European suppliers, improving in this way not only the environmental impact but also the creation of national and European wealth. Our boost (impulse) to create this value chain enhances (promotes) a Circular Economy with Positive impact as regards employment generation and as regards the creation of national and European value and wealth.

Jesús Murúa, CEO of Texcon y Calidad.