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Work Areas

Embroidering dreams, sewing stories, weaving hopes...

We manufactured on demand

Pattern making and grading

We use a cad-cam system with conversion software for several systems (gerber etc.), also including a drawing plotter. We also carry out the Digitization and scaling of Patterns.


Our cutting system is composed of an autex fabric spreader machine and vertical machines of several inch sizes depending on the thickness and texture of the materials (cotton, gauze, fur, felt. Etc.). We also have a band-knife cutting machine for block cutting after heat transfer printing.


Sublimation of fabrics and garments, incorporating the designs and colors of our clients both in roll fabric and in cut garments (positional sublimation).

Production and sample sets

Our multi-purpose assembly line can be adapted to the quantities required by our clients. We manufacture on demand using modern machinery. Sample sets and prototypes get a different treatment, with specially qualified personnel assigned to this kind of products.

Quality control calidad

We have individual quality control processes in place, together with a thorough final inspection of the garments to identify any potential manufacturing flaws.

Labelling and packing

All the production garments and sample sets are packed with client-provided items (cartons, prices, spare buttons, bags, self-locking bags, etc.) in order to supply the final product for shipment with the required presentation according to client specifications. The garments can be either delivered on transport racks or shipped in boxes with the appropriate packing list.


We have a spacious storage facility with large hanger racks for storing any volume of goods if required.


We carry out the à la carte Logistics Service for our clients, delivering the orders at the headquarters, delegations, points of sale or even final recipients of the garment.