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Why Texcon?

Thanks to our experience, we make clothes for great national and international fashion brands


Quality is present in all our processes, which involve careful hand crafting. At Texcon, every finished piece is proof of our commitment to our customers, reflected in the quality of every aspect of the clothesmaking process.


We cater to the real needs of our customers:

Capability: At Texcon we have the capability to carry out the ENTIRE process involved in producing a piece of clothing: pattern making, grading, cutting, production, quality control, labelling, and packing.

Volume: At Texcon we have the ability to adapt to the production volumes required by our customers, from a single unit or limited sample set productions to large production runs.

Delivery times: We are aware that the delivery date is essential for our clients and for this reason we organize and plan each production to meet the committed dates.


Our history and extensive experience in the clothing industry are an assurance of the know-how and quality standards we offer our customers. In addition, we are known for strictly meeting all delivery deadlines.


Quality is in our DNA, which is why we are also a Training Provider, with the aim of promoting the creation of new dressmaking talents who will inherit and carry on with Spain’s quality clothes making tradition.


Innovation of the process, people and resources. Purchase of machinery of high output for the clothing industry, as the cutting machine Lectra Vector Fashion IQ 50:

– Automatic optimization of the cutting path and tangent pieces.
– Real-time process monitoring.
– Compatible with all CAD systems.
– Up to 5% material savings.

At Texcon y Calidad we have a specialized machine (Plotter and Calandra) for the sublimation of sports, fashion and work garments, which allows us not only to carry out the entire production process for our clients, but also to incorporate designs and color into their products. garments, offering a complete service and avoiding incurring logistics costs and its consequent environmental impact.